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    Can You Feel It?

    VibrationBloc uses a patented technology that significantly reduces the vibration and shaking in the house caused by front-loading washing machines.

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    The VibrationBloc System

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Today's front-loading washing machines can be noisy and cause extreme vibrations to the point where damage occurs within the home. Significantly more efficient in lessening impact and reducing vibrations than other products on the market, the VibrationBloc Washing Machine Stand boasts an unparalleled 92% vibration reduction at spin speed. This unique anti-vibration washer stand is significantly different from other products on the market because it is the only product that uses a true isolator to reduce vibration. VibrationBloc was developed by Seicon Limited as a result of extensive testing and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How does the VibrationBloc Washer Stand compare to other anti-vibration mats, pads or feet? To answer this question, Seicon obtained and tested four competitor’s washer anti-vibration products beside the VibrationBloc Washing Machine Stand. The results were clear, VibrationBloc outperformed the competition by a significant margin!

Percent vibration reduction (at spin speeds):
VibrationBloc Washer Stand 92%
Product A: Polyurethane 39%
Product B: Silicone/Cork 37%
Product C: Rubber 21%
Product D: Neoprene/PVC 11%
See how VibrationBloc compares to the competition:

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Unrivaled Performance Vibration Reduction up to a Staggering 92%

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