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The Benefits of VibrationBloc

The VibrationBloc Washing Machine Stand was designed for the sole purpose of drastically reducing the amount of washing machine vibration that can be emitted by many of today’s front-loading washing machine units. Proven to be significantly more effective than anti-vibration pads, anti-vibration feet and anti-vibration mats, VibrationBloc utilizes a patented technology that significantly reduces vibration emitted by the spin cycle of front-loading washing machines.

Significantly more effective in lessening impact and reducing vibrations, the VibrationBloc Washing Machine Stand boasts up to 92% vibration reduction at spin speed. These results can be attributed to the use of an isolator in the product that significantly reduces the transmission of vibrations from the washing machine unit.
This is particularly beneficial in homes that feature a laundry room in non-basement locations such as the first or second floor. By incorporating the very best anti-vibration technology available, the VibrationBloc Washing Machine Stand serves as a premier solution in solving a series of problems that many consumers face when purchasing a front-loading washing machine.

A complaint associated with the ownership of a front-loading washing machine consists of spin cycle vibration being forceful enough to rattle items in adjoining rooms, potentially causing damage to prized or valued property. Other owners have expressed irritation over the lackluster quality of vibration damping rubber feet failing to secure their washing machine properly. A front-loading washing machine’s excessive vibration spin cycle can also generate enough forceful vibrations to disturb sleep and render the television watching experience an unpleasant affair. Seicon, Limited has addressed all of these matters and many more by perfecting its technology to create a solution that is capable of significantly reducing virtually all vibration related problems caused by front-loading washing machines.

how the vibrationbloc system works