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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for showing interest in the VibrationBloc Washing Machine Anti Vibration Stand by Seicon Limited. Please note, this washing machine stand is designed to stop the transmission of vibration from the machine into the floor of the structure on which it is standing. It is not designed to completely stop noise emanating from the machine or reduce audible noise in the machine. This system is designed to help reduce damage causing vibrations you can feel being emitted from your front loading washing machine. Here you will find FAQs on the VibrationBloc washer stand, if you have any order, shipping or return related questions please visit our customer service page.

My machine moves after I put it on the VibrationBloc Washer Stand. Is this normal?

Yes. Because you are placing the machine on an isolator with Seicon's vibration technology, the machine is expected to move more since the majority of the vibration is retained inside the machine and is not allowed to go to the surrounding house structure. You will notice the most motion when the machine speeds up and slows down, and may notice that there is a short period of vibration during the speed up and slow down of the spin cycle.

Will the increased motion damage my machine?

No. Seicon has extensively studied the full life cycle of the machine when on top of the VibrationBloc Washer Stand, and has run several washing machines to 50% beyond the manufacturer’s life expectancy with no adverse effects.

I have a narrow washing machine that is only 24" wide; will this work with the VibrationBloc Washer Stand?

The VibrationBloc Washer stand is designed for use under standard width (27") washing machines weighing at least 190 lbs. Smaller machines such as 24" wide machines tend to be too light in most cases, which will result in significant degradation of vibration performance. Additionally, the smaller footprint of the 24" machines typically does not align well with the anti-skid pads on the top surface of the Washer Stand. It is for these reasons that the use of the VibrationBloc Washer Stand with 24" machines is not recommended.

How do I properly load a washing machine to minimize vibration?

On a front-loading washing machine, the most common mistake is to pack the clothes too tightly when loading the machine. Not only does this significantly reduce the machine's ability to clean and rinse the clothes, but it also prevents the machine from being able to properly balance itself. When loading the clothes, do not pack them tightly, and leave a small amount of space at the top of the machine. You should be able to see a small amount of the back of the basket when you are done loading the machine.

I can still hear my washing machine even though I’m using the Washer Stand; why is this?

The VibrationBloc Washer Stand is designed to reduce the vibration transmitted into the surrounding structure, and is not intended to reduce noise emanating from the machine itself. Users of the Washer Stand should experience significantly less tactile vibration, but the product does not affect audible noise from the machine directly.

Occasionally, the timer on my washing machine stops counting down, and sometimes counts up. Is this normal?

Yes. This behavior varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the time remaining can behave counterintuitively if the machine is having trouble balancing itself. During the drain/spin (or equivalent) cycle, the machine will undergo a short spin cycle to remove some water from the clothes to allow them to move freely in the basket. Then, it will tumble the clothes inside the drum to distribute them as evenly as possible about the basket for balancing purposes. Following this, the machine measures the imbalance in the basket, and if it finds that the basket is out of balance, it will re-do these cycles. During this time, the machine’s timer will often stop or count up if the machine finds that it needs to re-run the balance/measure cycle.

I can still feel some occasional vibration, even with the Washer Stand. Is this normal?

Yes. Users may experience some vibration during machine operation, especially as the washing machine speeds up to and slows down from the spin cycle. This effect is most noticeable on machines that accelerate slowly into the spin, such as in machines built by Bosch or earlier LG machines. The vibration isolation technology inside the VibrationBloc Washer Stand is set at the factory to be compatible with most makes and models of machine, but variations from one make to another can cause differences in the amount of vibration that is experienced by the user as the machine proceeds into the high speed spin.

I just purchased a very expensive front-loading washing machine and its vibration is terrible! Why is this?

The high vibration of these machines is inherent in their basic design; this is because the washing machine basket is spinning on an axis perpendicular to gravity. When this happens, the weight of an item causing imbalance is successively added to and then subtracted from the force of gravity as the item reaches the bottom and the top of the rotating basket respectively. The result is an alternating force that ‘hammers’ the floor under the machine, causing vibration. The overall vibration is significantly less in top loading washing machines, where the basket is spinning on an axis parallel to gravity, eliminating the alternating force and thus the vibration resulting from the ‘hammering’ effect.

Can I use the VibrationBloc Washer Stand on a stacked washing machine/dryer combination or with a pedestal?

Yes, the VibrationBloc Washer stand can be used in these circumstances, but all portions of the stacked combination or pedestal must be attached permanently to each other using the manufacturer’s attachment kit.

Can I use the VibrationBloc Washer Stand in an under-counter configuration (Washer & Dryer Placed under a countertop)?

No, it is not recommended that the VibrationBloc washer stand be used when the washer is under a countertop. For the VibrationBloc system to work the washer must have space to move and isolate the vibration when placed onto the VibrationBloc washer stand.

I have a drain basin under my washing machine. Can the VibrationBloc Washer Stand be used with this?

Yes, provided there is enough space in the drain basin to allow the top of the washer stand to move freely without touching the sides of the basin.

Do I need to level the washer on the stand precisely?

No, the washer stand is torsionally flexible, and will adapt itself to the configuration of the machine. One should be sure that all four feet are set at nearly the same height, but precision is not necessary.

The floor upon which I will be placing the stand is not level; what do I do?

The washer stand will tolerate as much as 1/4" of grade laterally across the machine; grades above this are not recommended.

Can I use other rubber pads or feet with the VibrationBloc Washer Stand?

Seicon does not recommend the use of other rubber feet or mats under the VibrationBloc Washer Stand as performance may suffer.

Does the washer stand work for top loading washing machines?

We do not recommend the washer stand for top loading washing machines.

To keep the vibration as low as possible, I am running my washing machine on the slowest spin cycle. Is this the proper procedure when using the VibrationBloc Washer Stand?

When using the VibrationBloc Washer Stand, the highest spin speed setting should be used for best vibration control performance.