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VibrationBloc Outperforms the Competition

VibrationBloc's solution to minimizing the effects caused by excessive vibration distribution is statistically superior when compared to other anti-vibration products. The VibrationBloc Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Stand is capable of reducing vibration levels by up to 92%. Various other anti-vibration alternatives such as anti-vibration feet, anti-vibration mats and anti-vibration pads don't even come close to reaching this number. Utilizing a thoroughly tested and patented technology, the VibrationBloc Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Stand is the only product that uses a true isolator to reduce vibration levels.


Percent vibration reduction (at spin speeds):
VibrationBloc Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Stand92%
Product A: Polyurethane 39%
Product B: Silicone/Cork 37%
Product C: Rubber 21%
Product D: Neoprene/PVC 11%

The creators of the VibrationBloc Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Stand created the definitive anti-vibration solution by incorporating the themes of efficiency and longevity into their design. Outperforming alternative anti-vibration products by a lengthy margin, the VibrationBloc Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Stand continued to function flawlessly after 5,000 hours of machine wash time. This directly translates to a prolonged defense against the many physical hindrances attributed to an overaggressive spin cycle in a front-loading washing machine. Not only will the VibrationBloc Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Stand safely and securely fasten your front-loading washing machine unit to the floor, it will also last as long as your front-loading washing machine functions.

When it comes to selecting the appropriate defense in reducing vibration levels, the choice is obvious. VibrationBloc has assured the maximum in peace of mind by integrating their one of a kind technology into the VibrationBloc Washer Stand. Thoroughly tested to reduce vibration levels in prolonged stretches of time, this is the definitive answer in anti-vibration technology. Formerly marketed as the 0VIB Washer Stand and Steadywash, the VibrationBloc Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Stand is compatible with most major branded 27" front-loading washing machines.

Steadywash is a trademark of Ohio Steel Industries.

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